Wasn’t Six Enough?

Posted: February 7, 2009 in News

The average family has one to three children under the roof. On occasion you hear of a fantastic miracle of a multiple birth beyond triples to a family that has longed to feel the joy of parent hood.

This woman’s story is not that different or is it? Nadya Suleman was already a mother. A mother to six children ranging in age from a set of twins age two to a seven year old child. No this is not the miracle multiple, in January Nadya gave birth to octuplets. Yes eight more. Eight more mouths to feed, bottoms to diaper, and college funds to save for.

Nadya has no spouse to share the chore or the joy. She lives with her parents and has no solid income. Several sources say she receives disability checks.  HUH? Okay so this single woman, no income, getting government money and insurance has 14 children to care for now?  Wait gets even better…. It wasn’t an accident. No night of passion created these bundles. They were placed in the womb by  fertility treatments.

She claims to love children. I don’t doubt that but this writer just can’t see how a single mother on disablity for a back injury is going to provide all the care these babies will need. A large family is wonderful but it is a staggering duty to hold.

How is she going to provide their health care? On disability more than likely she is provided with Medicare/Medicaid.  Nadya says she wants to provide for her children and is supposed to be finishing a masters degree in counseling. Wonderful but in the mean time does that mean the tax payer is footing the bill for this miracle multiple?

There are so many things wrong with this lovely painted picture. If you are going to have ONE child much less FOURTEEN you need more than just a longing for a large family and a love of kids. Think of how much this will effect the other six after mom is forced to care round the clock for the octuplets. The family is already cramped in a three bedroom home with six children and three adults. Now she adds eight more tiny bodies to the crowded environment. At thirty three none of this seems like a wise decision either Nadya has an angle. She’s fishing for cash for her story or Nadya is trying to make up for something she thinks is missing in her life.

In this time of struggle for our country I can not see how this was a good or wise choice. I love children too. There are so many ways to love and give to a child in need instead of adding to the struggle. Become a teacher, become a mentor, start a program in your community.  Those would have been better choices in my opinion.

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