When Bloggers Blab Instead of Blog

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Celebrities, Internet, Life, Movies, News, Russell Crowe, Sports, Uncategorized, Writing

Blogs are a great place to express views and opinions about the world around us. But there is a a such thing as getting the facts instead of spouting accusations and starting rumor. Once that line is crossed the blog is just blab.

Recently Russell Crowe was seen enjoying the match at Wimbledon. The next morning bloggers went wild with assumptions that Mr. Crowe was, as one blog headline put it, causing trouble. There were photos taken of celebs at the match of course Russell Crowe was one of the most photographed. (thanks for that btw)  Below is one of the photographs showing a Naval Officer and Mr. Crowe pointing. 

 article-1197774-059B4368000005DC-294_468x707On sight of this image conclusions were drawn that a celebrity is causing a fuss. Instead of asking a few simple questions to find out what was going on exactly many bloggers began blasting false accusations. 

A few stated as if it were absolute that Mr. Crowe wanted to change seats and was pointing where he wanted to move to. Then was refused and had to be calmed by the officer when he was refused.

Guess what…you were fed blog after blog of assumed falsehoods.

Luckily we have the facts to set the matter straight. There was a witness to what was going on in the photo. Yes, a real person with facts. This is their account of the event as witnessed.

I heard the whole conversation with Russell Crowe at Wimbledon yesterday. He saw a friend further down and was asking if the guy could go down and tell her to come and say hello but he was saying he can’t move from his spot. He was perfectly nice and had no problem being told this. – Nell, London W8, 6/7/2009

Thank you Nell of London for coming forward and commenting on one of the inflammatory blogs with the facts. See no fuss no nastiness between them, and no cell phones.

My point is that if you are going to take something like this and post about it get the truth and the real facts before making assumptions. After all you know what they say. When you assume…….



  1. Beej says:

    YAY! Thanks, Elise for posting the truth…you’ll never make a tabloid journo (thank goodness). Everyone is quick to spread negative press about Mr. Crowe, but few will post anothing positive, or retract their falsehoods when found out.

    I have personal experience regarding what a kind, thoughtful and compassionate man Mr. Crowe is, even to a stranger, so I’ll always be there defending his honour when I can…not that he needs my help LOL.

  2. bobbygee says:

    True. But then there is the fun part too. The fun part can hurt people as well… Always remember the celebs right or wrong have a big fat bulls eye on their backs. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  3. laynerichards says:

    Thanks, Elise, for putting the truth out there.

  4. Ro says:

    Thanks for posting this. I made two posts to the Daily Mail in protest but they saw fit to publish neither.
    Nell’s quote was from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1197774/If-anyones-going-cause-trouble-Wimbledon-Russell-Crowe-.html

  5. fictionrulz says:

    Beej, Ro, Layne:

    You are very welcome. Nothing gets my goat more than articles like this.


    How true that is! Celebs do have a huge target on them But if we can right a wrong I believe we should. 🙂

  6. Beej says:

    Ro, you aren’t the only one. The Mail didn’t see fit to post my comment either, but they have a long history of hating Russell, they are even worse than The Sun, and that’s saying a lot!!

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