2010 The Fortune Cookie Year

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Adrian Paul, Authors, Books, Celebrities, David Caruso, entertainment, Food, Life, Russell Crowe, Uncategorized, Writing
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Fortune cookies tell all

I have been pondering a post that would be deep in thought. Maybe even enlightening. Well after two days of thought…. I got nuttin. Sorry. If you’re seeking wisdom it might be better to open a fortune cookie.

Hey don’t knock it. There’s some pretty good stuff in those crunchy treats. You can find out about your love life, if you’ll be successful, maybe even get the winning lottery numbers. One thing about those fortunes, they all say these things will happen for you soon.

Soon as in this afternoon, tomorrow morning, next week maybe? I’m impatient I want my true love now. (David Caruso, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce… any of those will do nicely) Success would be great too. Slice me off a big piece of that pie. But guess what… that old saying, “good things come to those that wait”, it’s true.

We have to wait and be patient for all these good things the all knowing cookies promise. But we can’t just be sit by the window and watch for our true love. (Adrian Paul would be a lovely sight indeed coming up my walk way.) If we just expect success to knock on our door we’ll be filing bankruptcy and living in our cars.

No we wait actively. Yeah I just made that up but it sounds good huh? Think about it. I’m a writer, if I want success with my novel I’ve got to do something about it. The manuscript isn’t going to get off my desk and run to the shelves of the nearest bookstore.

I have to get those pages to the agent or publisher who wants them. I have to wait and find the right one… see how that waiting actively works now? It applies to everything in life. If we want to find happiness, love and success we have to do something about it.

Fortune cookies aren’t necessary lying to us. We really can have all those things we just have to do something about it to get them. So I’m going to look at this shiny new year as a giant fortune cookie.

2010 holds success, happiness, travel, and even love. (If someone slips David Caruso my number it might speed things along.) I’m going to find each of my fortunes as they come along this year. Then I’m going to hold tight and build on those dreams.

So keep watch and I’ll keep you posted on what those cookies bring this year.

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