Got to Breathe

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Got to Breathe


We watch what we eat, try to keep our homes clean and healthy but do we pay attention to what we breathe? Or what we force others around us to breathe?


I’m 39 yrs old I have pulmonary obstructive disease with asthma. It’s a form of COPD. I’ve never smoked. I’m the only person in my family who doesn’t. You read that and say how did you get lung disease if you’ve never been a smoker?


The answer 2nd hand smoke. I tried to take care of my lungs by not smoking, But the effects of the air around me has taken my breath. What’s worse is you say this to people and they think you’re full of it.


Some of my own family thinks I’m exaggerating or faking just to get attention. There’s no way someone else’s smoke could bother me. Because of my age people shake their head you can’t have that you’re too young.


COPD can strike a young person as well as old. There are other reasons this disease develops most of them environmentally caused but smoking is the leading cause. My mother and father were both several pack a day smokers. They both died of lung disease.


This afternoon I come from my room to the kitchen. My brother, who has emphysema, is smoking. He thinks it’s okay if he just stays on the other side of the room. I had an asthma attack. 


One would think this would prompt someone to put out the cigarette. No he just moved a few more steps away. “Sorry, didn’t mean to kill ya.”


I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t want to die like both my parents did. My father of lung cancer, my mother COPD.


If you’re a smoker you need to remove that crap from your home. You’re not just effecting your health you’re effecting the health of everyone who has to breathe smoke filled air. Moving to another room doesn’t cut it either. Cigarette smoke travels though the house. You have your door closed… you open it and let the pollutants into the rest of the house. You can not isolate it.


2nd hand smoke effects aren’t a joke. We aren’t faking it to get you to quit smoking.


We’re just trying to breathe.


Elise VanCise
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