Creative Writer Blogger Award Winner

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Authors, Books, entertainment, Internet, Life, Uncategorized, Writing

Thank you Pamela Turner for passing to me the dubious honor of the Creative Writer Blogger Award. I would like to thank… oh it’s not that kind of award.


Well here’s how it works in honor of this award I must prove my creativity by telling six truths and one lie about me. You dear reader, get the chance to figure out which one is the lie.


I’ll even sweeten the pot just read the statements below then comment telling which one you think is the lie. I’ll send every one who picks the lie an autographed short story and bookmark.


Here we go… About me


1. I am a native Floridian  

2. I was awarded the Distinguished Service award as a volunteer fire fighter

3. I have been nose to nose with a real wild black bear

4. I am a huge Russell Crowe fan

5. I won a radio show contest once  

6. I have met Don Johnson

7. I have a green belt in Tae Kwan Do


Can you tell which one is a fib?


Now I’m passing along this great honor of creative delight. My nominees are:


Rose Wade, The Robin Hood Lego Champaign

Amy Leigh, Maverick Endevors




Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a short story and bookmark. On Friday I will expose the evil lie and post the winners.



Elise VanCise

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