A new theme is like new clothes

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Art, Authors, Books, entertainment, Life, Uncategorized, Writing

The Write View blog has a shiny new theme to inspire the writer in us all. (especially me 🙂 I’m a firm believer in when the going gets tough the tough go shopping. (Sorry Sis I said the S word)

There’s something about getting something new. It does something to the mind that makes you want to show it off. You get a new pair of walking shoes your inspired to get out and walk every day. Buy a new dress and you want to put it on and go out to show it off. A new hair cut keeps you fluffing your hair or shaking your head to enjoy the feel.

The very same thing is true for writing. You start a new story and it begins to pour out of your mind onto screen or paper. If you’re in a slump and that story is starting to slow and push when you pull…try something new.

Like this blog it has a shiny new theme. I want to write something and post it just to see it on this new format. Noveling is like that too. Maybe you can buy a new notebook or pen that begs for you to write on your story. How about something that is inspired by your story. A new mousepad with a cityscape like your story setting.

You will be taken by surprised how a little desk ornament will suddenly help you drive your story forward. Taking a break to post a new blog or a quick google search to look for new images to inspire. Today this new theme gave my muse the boost she needed to make our word count goal.

Try something new and see what it sparks.

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