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This is an interview with Dr. Jefferey Wigand. The man who stood up and told the truth about cigarette companies. He was protrayed by Russell Crowe in the Academy Award nominated film The Insider.

Tobacco industry whistleblower talks to Campbell Live – Campbell Live – Video – 3 News.

Jason isn't sure he likes this crossover

It’s normal to want to get a jump on the holidays, but at what point does it become too much?

Every year it seems Christmas is being rolled out earlier and earlier. It was September 25th when I took the photo above. Even Jason looks a bit dumbfounded by it all.

Almost every retail shop I have visited has Halloween on one aisle and Christmas on the next. With maybe an endcap or shelf of Thanksgiving/fall decorations. It seems like the holidays are becoming just one big blob.

Every kid with wide eyes on December 25th wishes that Christmas would come every day. That may soon be the case in retail. To squeeze every last dollar out of the biggest spending season shops may decide to make a permanent display of Santas, snowmen and decorated trees.

I just find it all very unsettling that we are forgetting what all of these holidays really stand for. A great holiday that could bring families together for a night of fun is being swallowed by retail greed.

I want my pumpkin shaped Reese’s to come from an aisle filled with rubber masks and bottles of fake blood. Not sitting next to Rudolph and his eight tiny pals.

I think Jason agrees, don’t you Jason. Jason? *gulp…. Hope to see you next post.

On June 16th I posted a blog “Creative Writer Blogger Award Winner.” In order to prove myself worthy of the award I had to tell six truths and one lie about myself. Now it’s time to reveal the lie and see if you guessed correctly.

1. I am a native Floridian. TRUE I was born in Miami, Florida.

2. I was awarded the Distinguished Service award as a volunteer fire fighter. TRUE In 2000 I received The Distinguished Service Award from then Florida Governor Jeb Bush for service during the Wildfires of 2000. It was a scary year, the whole state seemed to be a blaze. But we were able to get them under control with the help of other agencies around our nation.

3. I have been nose to nose with a real wild black bear. TRUE Around 11pm we received a page calling our fire department to a car accident. I started out my front door and down the ramp with my gear in hand when I felt a puff of hot air on the side of my face and arm. Stopping I turned and was face to face with a very large Florida black bear.

He sat down and sort of looked at me like, “Whatcha doin?”

Slowly I walked on down the ramp, “Good boy. Stay right there.”

The big fuzzy wuzzy just sort of sniffed and watched me very quickly haul my tush to the fire truck. I’ve not been that close since but we see bears often in our yard. Well I do live in the forest.

4. I am a huge Russell Crowe fan. TRUE anyone that knows me knows I follow 3 fandoms. Russell Crowe, Adrian Paul, and David Caruso. I just have to adore a man who isn’t afraid to be who he is with no excuses to the world. A wonderful father and husband a real role model for my own son to look up too.

5. I won a radio show contest once. LIE There it is the lie revealed I’ve never one a radio contest.

6. I have met Don Johnson. TRUE Yuppers, I have. Growing up in Miramar, Florida there was a small air port a few blocks from my house. My friends and I would hop on our bikes and ride down there whenever they filmed scenes for Miami Vice. I was a teen with a crush and he was very sweet to all of us. The other cast members as well would come over to the fence and chat with us fans. Still love the show, I’ve got many fond memories of watching it with my Dad.

7. I have a green belt in Tae Kwan Do TRUE Yes I do my son and I both are green belts. And yes I have broken boards. Hiyah!

Well those are the facts as they are did you guess which one was the lie?

Fortune cookies tell all

I have been pondering a post that would be deep in thought. Maybe even enlightening. Well after two days of thought…. I got nuttin. Sorry. If you’re seeking wisdom it might be better to open a fortune cookie.

Hey don’t knock it. There’s some pretty good stuff in those crunchy treats. You can find out about your love life, if you’ll be successful, maybe even get the winning lottery numbers. One thing about those fortunes, they all say these things will happen for you soon.

Soon as in this afternoon, tomorrow morning, next week maybe? I’m impatient I want my true love now. (David Caruso, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce… any of those will do nicely) Success would be great too. Slice me off a big piece of that pie. But guess what… that old saying, “good things come to those that wait”, it’s true.

We have to wait and be patient for all these good things the all knowing cookies promise. But we can’t just be sit by the window and watch for our true love. (Adrian Paul would be a lovely sight indeed coming up my walk way.) If we just expect success to knock on our door we’ll be filing bankruptcy and living in our cars.

No we wait actively. Yeah I just made that up but it sounds good huh? Think about it. I’m a writer, if I want success with my novel I’ve got to do something about it. The manuscript isn’t going to get off my desk and run to the shelves of the nearest bookstore.

I have to get those pages to the agent or publisher who wants them. I have to wait and find the right one… see how that waiting actively works now? It applies to everything in life. If we want to find happiness, love and success we have to do something about it.

Fortune cookies aren’t necessary lying to us. We really can have all those things we just have to do something about it to get them. So I’m going to look at this shiny new year as a giant fortune cookie.

2010 holds success, happiness, travel, and even love. (If someone slips David Caruso my number it might speed things along.) I’m going to find each of my fortunes as they come along this year. Then I’m going to hold tight and build on those dreams.

So keep watch and I’ll keep you posted on what those cookies bring this year.

Blogs are a great place to express views and opinions about the world around us. But there is a a such thing as getting the facts instead of spouting accusations and starting rumor. Once that line is crossed the blog is just blab.

Recently Russell Crowe was seen enjoying the match at Wimbledon. The next morning bloggers went wild with assumptions that Mr. Crowe was, as one blog headline put it, causing trouble. There were photos taken of celebs at the match of course Russell Crowe was one of the most photographed. (thanks for that btw)  Below is one of the photographs showing a Naval Officer and Mr. Crowe pointing. 

 article-1197774-059B4368000005DC-294_468x707On sight of this image conclusions were drawn that a celebrity is causing a fuss. Instead of asking a few simple questions to find out what was going on exactly many bloggers began blasting false accusations. 

A few stated as if it were absolute that Mr. Crowe wanted to change seats and was pointing where he wanted to move to. Then was refused and had to be calmed by the officer when he was refused.

Guess what…you were fed blog after blog of assumed falsehoods.

Luckily we have the facts to set the matter straight. There was a witness to what was going on in the photo. Yes, a real person with facts. This is their account of the event as witnessed.

I heard the whole conversation with Russell Crowe at Wimbledon yesterday. He saw a friend further down and was asking if the guy could go down and tell her to come and say hello but he was saying he can’t move from his spot. He was perfectly nice and had no problem being told this. – Nell, London W8, 6/7/2009

Thank you Nell of London for coming forward and commenting on one of the inflammatory blogs with the facts. See no fuss no nastiness between them, and no cell phones.

My point is that if you are going to take something like this and post about it get the truth and the real facts before making assumptions. After all you know what they say. When you assume…….



Bling H2O

Do you Bling? It seems a great number of people get it. The gourmet water has become the official water of the PLUGLA Magazine, as well as winning awards for the best packaging. It’s easy to see with the lovely handcrafted corked 750ml recyclable frosted bottle sparkling with Swarovski Crystals why someone would pay $39.00 to be seen with the new fashion accessory.

    Fine Waters Site calls it pop culture in a bottle and Bling H2O even has it’s own MySpace account. With all that hype the liquid within must be truly exotic. Actually it comes from a natural spring in Dandridge, Tennessee. Yes, that’s right Tennessee. They use a nine step purification process that includes ozone, ultraviolet, and micro-filtration. The source spring is NSF certified to insure the waters quality. The NSF is and international organization that helps protect consumers by certifying the products and writing standers of foods You can find out more about them at

    Kevin G. Boyd a Hollywood writer/producer noticed he could tell about a person’s personality by the bottled water they carried. Bling H2O was designed to make a fashion statement as well as taste good.  Initially the “Cristal” of bottled water was introduced to hand selected customers. Now the company has branched out expanding it’s availability. The fashionable drink was featured at events like the MTV Video Music Awards as well as the Emmy’s. Even their web site screams sex appeal. The product has won gold medals for best tasting water at the Berkely Springs International Water Tasting Festival and many more awards for taste and visual appeal. Bling was featured on Entertainment Tonight and seen in the hands of many celebs like Jamie Foxx.

    While $39.00 seems a little steep for the average joe we do tend to follow the trends. We have been known to pay more than that for a pair of jeans just because someone famous wears them. Bling H2O has made water a fashion statement, an accessory to add to our already overflowing closets. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t buy a case maybe you can get one bottle and refill it. No one but you and your sink will know. Everyone else will think you got Bling.


A breath of new life to this franchise. This film succeeds in the satisfaction of both long time fans and new audience members. The action starts from the first from and only gives you a few pauses in between to catch your breath. The cast does a fantastic job of keeping the spirit of the characters we have come to adore as they give them a touch of their own freshness.

The original series first aired in 1966 with William Shatner at the helm of the USS Enterprise as Captain James T. Kirk. This ground breaking series went where no man had dared go before. With an international, intergalactic crew, the first interracial kiss on film, and discovering the Trouble With Tribbles. In the process capturing the heart of a nation giving birth to a new kind of science fiction and fandom.

Five films followed continuing the adventures of Kirk, his Vulcan first officer Spock, and crew. In the eighties the franchise gave us The Next Generation. A couple hundred years further into the future aboard the Enterprise 1701-D. A new crew with Patrick Stewart in the captain’s chair as Jean Luc Picard. Where the original series brought us new worlds filled with alien cultures, The Next Generation gives us androids. Commander Data, played by Brent Spiner found new way to capture the viewers as we watched his journey to be more human.

A few films and series later we had begun the Star Trek universe had no more Undiscovered Country left the franchise has gone back to its roots. As a fan of the original series I was leery going in. New faces and ideals added to tried and true characters usually don’t work. With this new Star Trek, I left the theater with a smile and looking forward to more from this new chapter in the saga of the USS Enterprise 1701 and her young crew.