In the Dark



Parapsychologist Aaron Hewitt gets more than a new job and a new home after losing everything including his long term vixen girlfriend Veronica. Aaron has been looking for ghosts all over the ancient city of St. Augustine when all he had to do was look at home. Sarah SanCrist lived during the harshest time in our nation. She was a Civil War nurse stationed at Ft. Marion now known as the Castillo de SanMarcos. What begins as a study of the spirit in his home leads Aaron on a journey to many local haunts, and more than a friendship with Sarah. Can true love overcome the grave? Or will lust and jealousy tear it apart.

Reader Reviews

I read it and enjoyed it very much! The good guys are very likeable and the not so nice villan- well she was easy to dislike!

Fabulous book. So good you can sit down and read it in one sitting.

In the Dark is excellent! When Elise gave us a preview before it was published. I was hooked. When it was published, I purchased it. Really enjoyed the ending.

I think I enjoyed reading it more than you did writing it. I love it! The story, the characters I read it in one day I couldn’t put it down!

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