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This is an interview with Dr. Jefferey Wigand. The man who stood up and told the truth about cigarette companies. He was protrayed by Russell Crowe in the Academy Award nominated film The Insider.

Tobacco industry whistleblower talks to Campbell Live – Campbell Live – Video – 3 News.

Communication Shutdown Communication Shutdown "Can you get by without Facebook or Twitter for just one day? Join the shutdown to raise funds and awareness for autism in your community." Did you know that social communication is one of the biggest challenges for people with autism? Well on Monday, November, 1st, I will have some idea of what this is like. I am supporting Communication Shutdown, a global fundr … Read More

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1:54 AM and as usual "I'm Not Sleepy". Since it's so early in the morning, and since I should be sleeping so I can be up in four hours, and because I'm cold (thermostat says 78 but my chilled hands say 55), this will be a short opening post so feel free to hold your breath. This won't take long. Yes, you guessed it. This is a new blog. (insert drumroll here) This blog is about writing. If you didn't surmise that from the title, go back up and rea … Read More

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Do you know what October 14th, 2010 is? It’s World Spirometry Day!

I know many of you are looking at that and going what the heck is that? Well lemme tell ya. Spirometry is the measuring of breath. This Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is the most common lung function test. It is used to measure volume of air and speed flow of air in and out of the lungs.

Using the measurements of how much and how long a person is able to inhale/exhale can aid diagnosis and treatment of breathing and lung ailments. The machine used to test these functions is a Spriometer.

Now that you’re all educated have you ever had this test? Even if you’ve never really felt short of breath or been diagnosed with a lung issue it’s a good idea to get tested.

My last test was pretty funny actually. I was having a really bad day so it was pretty ideal for me to be tested at the time. You want them to see your worst so they can keep you from being there right?

Anyway… I sat in the chair and the tech pulled up a cute lil picture of a fireman with a hose pointed at a camp fire. The idea was to blow as hard as you could into the Spirometer. The more air the further the water went to put out the fire.

Well, I didn’t put out any fires. I was lucky to get the water off the fireman’s shoes. But my son thought it was funny to see that lil guy trying so hard to put out that fire with a trickle. I’m blowing away and the tech looks at the screen and me asking if I felt faint. That did it. You know giggles are contagious…. Well my son started giggling…. I giggled… the tech giggled.

All of which made it even harder to try and put out that dang fire. Nope wasn’t gonna happen. But after my doctor heard the story and giggled a bit with us he gave me a new inhaler and some information on improving my lungs.

It was painless, even fun. You can give up cookies and caffeine for the sake of your health but you can’t stop breathing. So for the sake of your lungs at your next doctor visit ask him about a Spirometry test and make 2010 the year of the lung.

See if YOU can put out that campfire.

It was getting harder to breathe, the air felt thick like breathing soup. There was no energy left in her body to try and fight for deeper breaths. The white of the walls seemed to glare.

Across from her on the floor her college lay stretched out. His eyes were still, Evan could see there was no life left there. Hot tears began to roll down her face as she summoned one last effort for breath. Forcing her arm to obey her command she reached for the keypad by the door.

The tips of her fingers could only reach the bottom few. Pressing until she heard the horrible honking alarm signaling an invalid entry to the lab. Her hand falling to her lap Evan waited. Breaths shallow, coming slower and slower.

Outside the lab they had given up hope. The chemical content in the air of the now sealed room was too much for any survivors. Then the alarm.

One of the security ran over to the door peering into the small glass window set in it. “It’s Dr. Lane. I think she’s still alive.”

Renewed efforts to open the contaminated lab began with zeal. Problem was they couldn’t just open the doors with out contaminating the building. They had to find a way to vent the toxins faster than the present plan.

From inside the lab Evan heard her name shouted. Someone was banging on the door trying to get her attention. They had it, she just didn’t have anything left with which to acknowledge it.

Pain began in the center of her chest and worked its way outward. There wasn’t enough air left in her lungs to groan. Evan knew the end was getting close, she was seeing things. In the corner of the white room stood a man surrounded by mist.

When their eyes met he started to move forward. The pain has spread though her body taking over all her other senses. Lungs burning as if she’d run a hundred miles. Evan’s mind struggled to hang on even though her body was spent.

She wanted to cry and scream but nothing would come out. One last time she tried to take a breath only there was nothing to breathe.

The man from the corner knelt beside her. His eyes were green and ever changing like the sea. He reached out a hand gently caressing her cheek. “Take a breath Evan.”

The stranger knew her name, but he didn’t know she couldn’t …. Air filled her lungs slowly. It wasn’t the poison air from the room there was a touch of something in it. Something sweet like honeysuckle. The next breath came easier, then another. It was impossible wasn’t it? The room was still filled with poison.

Even began to come back to herself as the strange man caressed her face. Her eyes focused and she realized, he was there but not. As if he were made of air himself.

She could hear calls from outside the lab saying the venting was working the particles were clearing. Soon they could open the door.

The man of air caressed her softly, brushing her hair from her face. Evan was sure she knew him. But this was impossible he was a figment of her dying mind.

Cool air brushed the side of her face, it was his breath. It smelled like honeysuckle. There was a gentle smile on his face as she took a deeper breath. Evan lay her cheek against his palm taking comfort.

The palm was soft, warm, there was a pulse that beat from his wrist against her cheek. He looked up at the door. There were more sounds and activity coming from out there now. The strange man cupped her face softly. “They are coming. Do not be afraid, you will be well.”

Evan wanted to ask his name, how he got into the lab. But he pressed a soft kiss to her lips distracting her thoughts.

The stranger began to fade changing into fog then less…then nothing but air. His touch gone her lungs began to burn again. Aching for a breath of the honeysuckle sweet air. She gasped and struggled as the door slowly slid open.

She tried to scream hurry but there was no voice. Only squeaks as Evan took in a little of the fresh air coming from the open door.

Paramedics, scientists, security all rushed into the lab. A paramedic wearing oxygen masks lifted her up from the floor to a gurney. Shouts began all around her as a mask was fitted over her own face.

None of them were the strange man. She turned her head as much as they would allow to look into the corner where he had appeared. Nothing but air stood there now. Evan grabbed the EMT’s arm and forced out the words. “The man… that was… with me…”

With a somber face he gave her hand a pat thinking she meant the dead scientist they were wheeling past them in the hall. “Don’t worry about that right now. Just concentrate on taking slow deep breaths. Let’s get you oxygenated. You’re a real miracle surviving that long in that toxic soup.”

Evan shook her head. “No… someone else.”

The paramedic walked beside her as they wheeled the gurney to the ambulance. “There was no one else in the room, Dr. Lane.”